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Colour trends in vinyl cladding

Just like other style trends in the home renovation market, exterior cladding is susceptible to colour and style trends as well. The colour and style for the exterior of your home should act as a palette to build upon to design doors, window frames, roof colour and even planting colours around the exterior of your home.

The great news for home owners is that there are now even more colour options for home exteriors that ever before. Once limited to a handful of muted colour choices, home owners can now choose from a wide myriad of colours that can showcase their home’s personality and character.

From classic to bold, traditional to bright, showcase your personal style outside with inspiration from Young & Bracey’s range of vinyl cladding colour schemes that offer serious curb appeal for the exterior of your home.

Recent trends are leaning towards minimalist and classic colour schemes – accented with darker colours around windows and doorways. However, neutrals and dusky, earthy tones, mixing grey and beige together are also popular styles for home exteriors. And, if you love the feel of grey but want a touch more colour, look to the dusted tones of grey blended with blue for a timeless look.

Young & Bracey vinyl wall cladding offers a range of rich modern colours with the option of wood grain textures or plain cladding that can turn a house into a home. The bonded colour of Duratuff vinyl cladding will never need repainting and can be easily cleaned.

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Young & Bracey , a proven and lasting home improvement product that can transform your home's appearance and increase its value. Young & Bracey vinyl wall cladding is built to last; and we’re so confident in this that we offer all of our customers a 50 year warranty!

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