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Four Signs Your Roof Is In Need Of Repair

Four Signs Your Roof Is In Need Of Repair

A faded and neglected roof can make your house look old and tired, giving passers-by the impression that the rest of the house is in no better condition. Just think of what a roof endures – rain, sun, hail, wind. Considering your roof keeps you dry, warm and safe from the weather, having a dependable roof over your head is vitally important.

In the extremes of Australian weather, the condition of your roof will naturally decline over time. By the time there are obvious indications of roof damage, it is often in need of major repairs. Here are 4 signs your roof is in need of repair:

1. Loose Roof Tiles

If you notice roof tiles missing, it is most likely because they have fallen away due to cracked mortar beneath the capping tiles. Left unchecked, your roof tiles can move around, risking damage to other roof tiles. This damage can create holes that allow rain water into the ceiling space, potentially causing water damage to the internal plaster. Young & Bracey can do a full repointing and proper joining of any loose tiles to protect from further dislodging and leaking. If the damage is further spread, you may want to consider a roof restoration, or even a brand new roof.

2. Leaking Roof

Discovered a leak in your roof when it rains? Unfortunately, by the time you’ve noticed the leak, the damage has already spread beyond the initial stage. A leak should be addressed right away before it leads to severe water damage, electrical shortages, and reduced insulation effectiveness.

3. Algae & Lichen

A dirty roof not only looks ugly but can deteriorate the condition of your roof tiles, especially if you let algae and lichen fester. At Young & Bracey, our qualified roof specialists will pressure clean your roof with the right equipment to deliver the best results. Once clean, we give your roof a coating of Mould Rid anti-fungal biocide to inhibit future fungi growth.

4. Mould In The Roof Cavity

If your roof cavity smells damp and a bit mouldy, there is a high chance your roof is unable to lock out the moisture. Sagging, dark spots, and darkened wood in the roof frame are all signs of mould in the roof cavity.

Inspecting your roof regularly is the best way to prevent costly repairs down the road. We recommend you do a roof inspection at least two times a year, in spring and autumn. If you do see any signs of damage, contact the team at Young & Bracey to arrange your free consultation.

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