Homes are the centre of some of our treasured memories, from first steps and the removal of training wheels, to family gatherings and parties.. Yet like everything, they age and not everything is as vibrant and youthful as it once was.

A simple solution is to give the house a fresh coat of paint, and when we say ‘simple’ we mean the solution, not the task. If you engage professionals to paint your house it can be quite expensive, and if you do it yourself you might find it takes weeks, or months, to complete the job depending on how busy you are. Also, depending on the quality of paint used, you may find you need to freshen it up every few years.

What if there was a better alternative, a solution that was not only cost effective over the long run, but only had to be applied once for the life of your house? There is and it’s vinyl cladding.

Young & Bracey offer 13 different colour options for you to choose from, and once installed, you will never have to paint it again…ever. Impressive, right?

Our vinyl cladding has been rigorously tested and is guaranteed not to crack peel, fade, rot, dent or split. We are so confident in our products that we back them with a 50 year ‘transferable’ warranty, meaning that even if you move, the new owner will be covered.