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Renovate, repair or replace… Make Your Home More Comfortable, More Valuable & More You

Feel like you’ve been living in the same place for ever?  Know you’ve been ignoring some of those annoying things like the odd leak?  But really, is patching up the problem enough or is it time to do something more fundamental like home renovation or one step further, knock down rebuild?

There’s no point repairing a roof time after time when it really needs replacing.  New windows might be just the renovation you need to get natural light into your home rather than knocking out entire walls or moving. But at what point should you consider which option would be best for you and your family – now and into the future?

Young & Bracey have the expertise to advise you on what the best solution would be

Renovate versus Knock Down Rebuild

There has always been much debate on the merits of replacing versus renovating.

Many home buyers are turning to knockdown and rebuild to achieve their dream of having a brand new home in the suburb they love and know. While in some cases a simple renovation is all that your house requires, there is can be a point at which it is more economical (cost-wise) to knock-down and rebuild rather than renovate or simply try to repair.

As a guide, if you are renovating by adding more than three rooms to your home, generally renovation costs could be more than it would to knock down and rebuild on your existing block of land. Major costs of renovating are incurred when you start adding more that say three rooms or moving major areas such as kitchens and bathrooms that require a large range of trades.

Young & Bracey are experts in renovations, home improvements and home repairs. With extensive experience and industry knowledge, Young and Bracey offer a range of solutions to help you make your home more comfortable, more valuable and more like home for you and your family.

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