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Stop leaking cash this winter thanks to poor insulation

Stop leaking cash this winter thanks to poor insulation

The cost of keeping warm in winter adds significantly to power and gas bills for families across Sydney as the news tells us of Artic Vortex’s bringing freezing temperatures and blanketing suburbs not generally known for snow, in thick layers.

Effective insulation for your home is important to maintain even indoor temperatures and keep the heat inside.

Duratuff Vinyl Wall Cladding from Sydney based Young and Bracey has the ability to significantly add to the insulation qualities of a home. When installed correctly over existing timber or fibro walls, or onto new framework with appropriate underlay, the vinyl cladding will create an air gap which acts as a highly effective insulator and increasing the R value of your home insulation.

The "R" value is the measure of the product's resistance to heat transfer and is a guide to its performance as a heat insulator.

Higher R-values are more effective at maximising your energy savings and comfort. The higher the "R" value, the more effective the insulation is in reducing heat flow in or out of your home and in stabilising the temperature in your home.

If in-wall insulation is used in conjunction with foamed-backed Duratuff Vinyl Cladding then an R-Value of around 3 should be gained. Significantly exceeding an approximate R-Value of 1.4 when the cladding is installed over framework with an underlay of fibro or plywood.

This winter, stop burning up cash by letting heat escape. Minimise your power or gas bills by adding effective insulation to your home.

Young & Bracey are offering an amazing offer of $1500 off when you vinyl clad your whole house.

Young & Bracey specialise in vinyl cladding, a proven and lasting home improvement product that can transform your home's appearance and increase its value. Our vinyl wall cladding is extensively tested so we know it won't rot, peel, dent, split or crack. Young and Bracey vinyl wall cladding is built to last - we are so confident in this that we offer a 50 year warranty.

How long should I expect my exterior vinyl claddin...
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