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Take advantage of the winter sun with north facing windows

The angle of the sun changes dramatically from summer to winter. To maximise the warmth you get from large windows in winter while restricting exposure to the high summer sun, large windows should be placed north facing in your

Try and keep east facing windows to a minimum and as small as practical. In winter, they don’t receive enough sun to provide warmth yet they let valuable heat out. And in summer, they can cause the house to heat quickly as they receive hot morning sun and are difficult to shade effectively. 

South facing windows get virtually no direct sun all year, but can cause major heat loss during winter. They should be modest in size – small enough to limit heat transfer in winter yet big enough to allow cross-breezes in summer when a 2am southerly can be the only relief after a 40-degree day.

Well-designed houses will often feature as much of the living space as possible facing north while bedrooms face south. This means that in winter, your living room will catch maximum sunlight for warmth and light while in the high heat of summer; bedrooms are shielded from the sun for nights.

Young and Bracey can help you make your home more energy efficient by redesigning where your small and large windows sit, maximising the winter warmth and reducing the heat in summer.  Young and Bracey have a range of window and door colours and styles available that can be matched to your cladding, gutters, roofs and whirlybirds.


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