When deciding how best to spruce up your home, there are several options you can consider. One of the most commonly recommended is to paint the outside of your house. However, if you’re wanting to give your home more of a facelift, as opposed to a touch-up, cladding is definitely a more cost effective and time friendly option.

Now you have decided on the method in which to re-vamp your home, all you have to do is choose the material you want the cladding made from. The two most popular options are wood and vinyl.

So, what are some of things you would need to consider when making your decision? Apart from cost and time, maintenance should be a key factor in choosing the right material for your home.

If considering wood as your material of choice, bear in mind the level and frequency of maintenance required for its upkeep. It’s recommended that owners check wood cladding twice a year for mould, mildew and rot; paint every 3-7 years and stain the wood every 4 years. While time and frequency is measured in years, many people own their homes for decades, meaning you may be required to paint up to 10 times over the life of your house (30 years); check for signs of mildew, mould and rot 60 times and stain the entire exterior 6 times.

If you’re leaning towards vinyl cladding, the biggest decision you’ll need to make is what colour you want, and with 13 colours to choose from, Young & Bracey have a colour to suit many tastes and styles. Also, Young & Bracey’s vinyl cladding has been tested to not crack, peel, fade, rot, dent or split, guaranteed. We are so confident in the quality of our products that we back them up with a 50 year transferrable warranty, covering you or the next owner for the life of the house.

So, whether you are trying to find a cost effective way to give your house a facelift, or flipping (quick turnaround purchase, renovation and sell) a house with budget and time constraints,Young & Bracey Vinyl cladding is just the thing for improving your home’s curb appeal.