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You can’t change the position of your house but you can change your windows

Replacing your existing windows with larger windows to bring more natural light into your home can have a range of benefits both from a wellbeing standpoint and in terms of general quality of living.

According to many health professionals, more natural light in your home has the following benefits:

  • Helps combat winter blues
  • Gives us more connection to the outdoors and natural world
  • Supports our natural biological rhythms

More natural light in your home can also improve your quality of living by:

  • Decreasing heating and cooling consumption
  • Making homes feel more open and spacious

While kitchens and living rooms are obvious places to add windows, stairwells and landings are also great places to consider as they are frequently dark and windowless spots that can add a spectrum of natural light to your home. Bedrooms and smaller studies will also benefit by expanding your home windows to let in more natural light.

Young and Bracey have a range of window styles available that can be matched to your cladding, gutters, roofs and whirlybirds. We can also help you match new larger windows to your existing home colours and style so you get the best possible results.

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